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Welcome to SatireSearch, the internet's first and most
comprehensive satire headline search tool.
SatireSearch automatically scours the internet every 15 minutes for the most up to date satire headlines from all around the world so you don't have to. Our service lets you either view the live feed here or add this completely free service to your site as a headline feed, scrolling headline ticker or enhanced search box. Used by many sites from the largest portals to the smallest blog (See links), the SatireSearch feed will keep your visitors coming back with headlines from all the world's major satire sites. With updates seven days a week, many times a day, our satire newsfeed is not just the first, but the best satire newsfeed available anywhere on the internet.

With our experience of powering satire for some of the largest sites in the world, you can be sure that adding a SatireSearch feed to your site will keep on bringing visitors back long after the new copycat services have faded away.

The Wheat Not The Chaff
SatireSearch's headline feeds are about quality and frequency. As the first and only intra-day satire feed, SatireSearch only features the leading satire sites from around the world. By concentrating on the international satire leaders and leaving the lesser quality sites for the less-frequently updated feeds of our rivals, SatireSearch is unmatched in its commitment to quality satire and frequent intra-day updates. We include all the sites nominated for the prestigious 2002 Dot-Comedy awards; Borowitz Report, The Onion, the WhiteHouse, theSchmews and the Daily Probe. We also work directly with the best up and coming satire sites to deliver the perfect compliment of established and award-winning sites with the freshest new talent. No serious satire feed service would miss out the biggest and most popular satire sites on the internet and we ensure they are included for maximum quality.

SatireSearch On The Alexa Toolbar
Alexa have created a special version of their popular toolbar for Internet Explorer that includes SatireSearch as one of the search options to make your searches even faster! Click here for further info about how to upgrade your Alexa toolbar to include the new SatireSearch option.

Free, Easy and Fast
Completely free, easy to use, and fully integrated into the look and feel of your site. SatireSearch takes just seconds to add to your site with our simple script, or for those who want to tailor the delivery of the newsfeed even further, our XML or RSS feeds are for you. No ads, no banners, no nags, just fast XML content that for your visitors looks, as though you developed it yourself. s

The First And The Best
SatireSearch has experienced explosive growth over the past 2 years and many other sites are now copying the SatireSearch service, but none can compete with the frequency of updates, range of satire sources, and ability to fully integrate into your own site. Before you choose another copycat feed, make sure you compare them with SatireSearch's features.

Power up your site today and add the free SatireSearch satire newsfeed to keep your visitors coming back time and time again.

The excellent IronicTimes was also nominated but this site runs headlines only not satire stories, so if we ran it as a source, the headline link would only take users through to the same headline.


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